3 Feb

ZOYA Glimmer Nail Polish

My newest addiction is ZOYA Nail Polish “The World’s Longest Wearing Natural Nail Polish” (according to them, including the missing hyphen). Nail polish chips off my fingers approximately 23 minutes after the top coat dries, and I have to admit, I painted my nails last night and then walked dogs all day today and it’s still intact. I’m currently wearing “Glimmer,” a lovely glittery white color. I like the light colors on my nails because when they do start to chip, it’s not as noticeable.

A couple of notes on ZOYA. One, they have a cool thing on their website where you can buy “color spoons” (essentially a fake plastic fingernail on a stick) in the color you’re thinking about buying. So basically I order a “Glimmer” color spoon for $0.50, and then when it comes, I can decide if I want to invest $8 in the bottle. What’s really neat about this is that they then send you a promo code for the amount you spent on spoons to apply to your next order. So basically, as long as you buy something later, the spoons end up being free. This is a great bonus since you can’t be 100% sure based on online images what the color is going to look like in real life.

Another thing is they currently have a promotion where they send you a free mini bottle of their nail polish remover with your order and IT RULES! It smells significantly less bad than traditional acetone-based removers, yet works great! A nice surprise. I ended up buying a full-size bottle.

With a ton of color options and offers like the ones I just mentioned, ZOYA may be my new go-to polish.


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