Tarte multiplEYE™ mascara

15 Feb

Far be it from me to malign Tarte, which you will soon learn is one of my absolute favorite makeup brands. I did notice, however, that all of my reviews so far have been positive, and I do have A LOT of product misfires, so I thought I’d include one of those here.

This morning, I tried a sample sized Tarte multiplEYE mascara. Besides being annoying to type (I’m not doing it again), it’s not that great. My lashes look distinctly meh, and I have pretty nice lashes overall. I didn’t get really ANY noticeable volume, and really not much length, either. As a result, even though I usually link to products, I’m not going to link to this one, nor any others that I don’t fully endorse. If you want to give Tarte’s mascaras a try, I still fully encourage you to try Lights, Camera, Splashes!

Anyone else tried this one? If so, did you have a better experience? Also, why is WordPress suggesting “flagellation” as a tag for this? It’s not a great mascara, but it’s not THAT bad.

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