Simply Botanicals Relaxation Blend Moisturizing Body Lotion

25 Feb

I have a tote bag full of lotions. Before my recent trip to New Orleans, I went to it to find something to take with me on my trip. I wanted a lotion that was in a smaller container, but large enough to make it through the six days we’d be there.

The smallest-yet-largest one I had was a 4-oz. bottle of Simply Botanicals Relaxation Blend Moisturizing Body Lotion. I picked this up at Seattle’s Elaia Spa (where, incidentally, I have had two of the best facials of my life) after the esthetician sprayed the Relaxation Blend Hydrating Mist over me during my facial. I absolutely love the smell of geranium (LOVE), so really did find this heavenly. After I got home, however, I tossed the bottle in my lotion tote and promptly forgot about it. Boy am I ever glad I rediscovered it.

Again, the smell is divine (assuming you like roses/geranium/citrus). It somehow manages to be both relaxing and stimulating, and the fragrance lasts just long enough to be pleasant but not overpowering, and is just strong enough without being too perfumey. It made my skin just as soft as can be, even though I neglected to bring any sort of scrubber or exfoliator with me. Finally, here are the ingredients, per their site:

A 100% natural moisturizing massage lotion combined with Egyptian Geranium, French Lavender and Blue German Chamomile essential oils – lotion contains organic aloe juice and coconut oil, emulsifying wax NF, kosher vegetable glycerin, witch hazel, vitamin e, phenoxyethanol, palm stearic acid, jojoba oil, lecithin, xanthan gum, black willowbark extract, neem oil, rosemary oleoresin, tetrasodium EDTA and citric acid.

100% natural! No parabens! No crazy weird stuff! No fine print! LOVE IT.

I went on their site yesterday to order more (I used about two-thirds of the bottle) and discovered they have larger sizes AND they offer volume discounts! And, if this makes any difference to you, they’re local (to me – Langley, WA), which is really nice for those of us who like supporting small local businesses.

I really couldn’t recommend this line more highly. When I finally open my body product store (oh, it’s gonna happen), I will DEFINITELY be carrying this line.

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