Amazon Store

12 Mar

Hi friends and followers!

I have another long blog post coming up later, after I go walk some dogs. In the meantime, I’d like to ask you a favor!

On the right side of this blog, you’ll see a link to my Amazon Store – see it? See it? If not, here it is: KATE’S AMAZON STORE!

I have been approved as an Amazon Affiliate, which means I make a teeny, tiny percentage off anything you buy through my link on Amazon. This doesn’t just include stuff in my store, either; this is ANYthing you purchase on Amazon after clicking through one of my links. It’s only pennies on the dollar (literally), but if enough of you use my links, I bet I could make a whole dollar off this blog! And that means more product, and more product means MORE PRODUCT REVIEWS! See how that works?

In short, if you’re thinking about making a purchase on Amazon, and wouldn’t mind too terribly clicking through almost any of my recent product links to get there (they’re all on Amazon), you’d be doing me a solid and, in the long run, yourself a solid, too. Because I don’t recommend things unless I think they’re awesome. It’s a win-win.

Thanks so much!


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