scünci® No-Slip Evolution™ Hair Ties

12 Mar

I am going to attempt to come at you fast and furious with the blog posts today, after falling behind this weekend (as usual).

BAM. Up first we have scünci’s No-Slip Evolution Hair Ties. OBSESSED. I have longish hair and have been using hair elastics just about since I was born. I have tried them all, and they have all failed me. The old Goody ones with the metal clamp were the best, but now and then, after heavy usage, the metal clamp would finally slip, rendering the rubber band useless, and invariably resulting in a bruised knuckle. They finally stopped making those a few years ago (I wonder if someone sued), and I have been adrift in a sea of inferior hair elastics ever since. As I have mentioned previously, I have enigma hair, both fine and thick, so I need a thick, large elastic that doesn’t stretch but also doesn’t pull. Some of them retain their shape but yank my hair out, but the vast majority stretch way out of shape after one or two uses, or just snap altogether. My hair just laughs at those. It’s all, “You think you can restrain me? I spit on your pathetic attempts at imprisonment!”

Then scunci (sorry but I’m leaving the umlaut out, it’s too big a pain in the bum to retype), long thought of in my mind as Goody’s inferior little sister, suddenly did this. I bought my first pack on a whim, thinking it would be one more type of hair elastics I could eliminate as the perfect solution. INCORRECT! These things rule! They don’t stretch out of shape. They don’t break. They’re gentle to my hair. They’re totally waterproof. There’s no metal to rust or break my knuckles. Seriously, I had almost given up, thinking I should just buy a ball of twine and deal, and then….

Totally recommend.

2 Responses to “scünci® No-Slip Evolution™ Hair Ties”

  1. Somer March 12, 2012 at 8:25 pm #

    I have tried these after your recommendation and must say they are superior to every other hair band I have ever used on my incredibly thick and longish hair. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • katej78 March 12, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

      Ah I am glad! There is nothing better for me than recommending a product and getting positive feedback!

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