13 Mar

So today, I went to Frenchy’s Chantecaille event. I arrived like 20 minutes early, but there were no other appointments, so they took right away. The Chantecaille representative, Connie, was super nice and well informed, but boy, was she a talker. It was meant to be a 30-minute mini-makeover, so I planned for that. I arrived at about 11:40; I didn’t get out of there until 12:50. Unfortunately, she was so well informed and so intent on imparting all the information about the brand on me, it felt a bit like a hard sell, which was kind of a turn off.

I also thought I’d go in there and she’d suggest a few different types of makeup for my complexion, I’d buy maybe some powder, blush, and eyeshadow, and be on my merry way. Again, not so. Chantecaille also does luxury skincare, and Connie was determined to give her one client a sample of everything.

Here’s an interesting little something about me: I like symmetry. I cannot and will not ever wear two different socks. I wanted to get my nostril pierced but never did, because I can’t just do one side. If my symmetry is not aligned, I feel off-balance, off-kilter, and incredibly uncomfortable. Remember those “Shoulda hadda V8” commercials? Like that.

Connie decided the best way to approach my skin was to try different skin care products on each side of my face. ACCCCCK. I didn’t say no – I realize my symmetry thing is weird. But I did not like it, not one bit! Then she kept asking if I could feel the difference! If they truly feel different/have different effects, she DEFINITELY shouldn’t have been putting some on one side, some on the other! Maybe two-face is her thing, but it’s not mine. Anyhow this went on for some time with me biting my tongue to keep from screaming. Finally she moved on to makeup, and I couldn’t have been more relieved.

The makeup was really light and lovely. She did a good job applying it, and I looked natural and pretty when she was done. I liked everything so much that I decided to get quite a bit of the makeup, and after I had listed all the things I want, Connie said, “What about skincare?”

FAIL. I felt so uncomfortable, and so forced, and so put on the spot. I’d just had this fairly relaxing, nice experience with this woman, agreed to buy a BUNCH of stuff, and then that? I hurriedly agreed to an eye roller she suggested and went to check out.

My total was astounding, I was too embarrassed to say no, and I left feeling guilty for spending so much, especially since at least one of the items I not only didn’t need, but also didn’t even WANT. I initially calculated in my head how many paychecks I’ll need to put towards my credit card to pay this off, until I just saw THIS:

Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum

That is the thing I bought. The thing I felt forced into buying. The thing Connie casually suggested I add onto my already not insubstantial order. LOOK AT THE EFFING PRICE ON THAT THING. If there is ONE of you, JUST ONE OF YOU, who can justify to me paying that much for an eye roller, and make me believe it, I will keep it. If not – and I very much doubt any of you can convince me otherwise – I am taking that atrocity back to Frenchy’s tomorrow and asking for my money back. TWO HUNDRED TEN DOLLARS! Are you out of your bloody MIND?!? Unless this thing literally takes 10 years off my life – I don’t mean off my face, either, I mean makes me 24 years old again – then that price is absolutely insane. Good God, are there people who can drop that amount of money without a care? I almost want to return everything on principle but I really do like the makeup.

As for the Frenchy’s employees, they were friendly, helpful, and honest. I didn’t feel cornered by them, and I’ll happily go back there, especially since Connie’s only in from out of town.

Two hundred ten dollars my ass.

2 Responses to “Chantecaille”

  1. THiSPiNAYSAiDWHAT March 13, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    Oh my gosh… That hurt my soul seeing those prices!!! I think a tear appeared on my wallet also.

    • katej78 March 13, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

      HAHAHA I know, and thank you for the laugh – I have been seething!

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