Korres: A Yea and a Nay

15 Mar

I really like Korres a lot. I have used a lot of their products with good results. I like that they’re “natural,” yet also affordable. I’ve never had a bad experience with any of their line… until a week ago. First, the bad – but keep reading, because the good is so good, it almost deserves its own entry.

Sephora was having a promo where you could get a free deluxe sample of Korres Wild Rose Brightening Sleep Facial with your order, and I snapped it up.

I set aside my usual evening routine for a few nights (shocker!) and tried it – it’s essentially a night cream, with 95% natural content. It had a pleasant smell and feel, and the sample contained enough for probably almost a week. After night three, however, I decided to discontinue using it – my forehead was completely broken out. I am used to the odd pimple, particularly the week before my period. This was three pimples on my forehead alone, however, and it wasn’t anywhere near that time of the month for me. As soon as I stopped using it, my skin returned to normal. I love you Korres, but I’m going to have to give your “Sleeping Facial” two thumbs down.

Since I do love Korres, though, here’s another Korres product I do HIGHLY recommend – their Lip Butters.

Korres Lip Butters are really simply the best lip balms I have ever used, and I have tried just about everything out there. Smooth, soft, non-sticky, non-waxy, natural, pleasantly scented, slightly sweet – perfect in every possible way. Plus, if you want almost no color you can choose Jasmine or Guava (Guava is my personal favorite), or for a sheer tint, one of the other five flavors (Quince is also to die for). If you can imagine smoothing actual butter onto your lips, that’s close to the sensation of these balms – just an absolutely perfect texture. I cannot say enough about them; I even gave them to my bridesmaids as part of their gifts. I kind of want to post these balms in their own entry, they’re so good. Maybe I’ll do a longer post on them in the future!

3 Responses to “Korres: A Yea and a Nay”

  1. Somer March 17, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    Thanks for another great post! I hope to try the korres lip butters soon, they sound divine. I really like the Korres lipstick, but not their lip gloss tubes. However, I find both to be nourishing for my lips without being sticky or color residue in the wrong places, like so many other lip glosses and lipstick will do.

    • katej78 March 18, 2012 at 10:15 pm #

      Now I know what to get you for your next birthday! 😉


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    […] you know, I absolute LOVE Korres little gloss pots, but I don’t always feel like getting a messy finger applying them – sometimes, like at […]

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