A quick lip tip from Palm Springs!

24 Mar

I’m in Palm Springs for the weekend before my birthday, which partially explains the dearth of blog postings lately. I’m posting from my iPad, so am without all the tools available on my laptop, but wanted to type up a quick entry that I think you’ll enjoy!

My lovely friend Amber (whose blog I’ll link to when I return home) was talking about using sugar as an exfoliant before self-tanning, which I thought was a neat idea. Later that same evening, I applied one of my favorite darker lip colors – Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Shanghai – and noticed it was slightly patchy in some spots. Anyone who uses dark lip colors knows this is a sure sign that there are some invisible-without-dark-lipstick rough spots on your pucker. I quickly removed the lipstick and – thanks to Miss Amber – immediately devised a solution.

Our friend Chris had bought sugar cubes with which to make in-room mojitos, and a box of them was sitting by the buffet in our room. I grabbed one and, leaning over the sink, quickly used it to (gently) scour my lips. Thirty seconds and a few licks later, I reapplied the lipstick to smooth, flawless lips! Voila, instant natural exfoliation in your hotel room – I bet you can snack a sugar cube or sugar packet at almost any hotel in the universe, so maybe you’ll have the chance to put this neat trick into action one day yourself.

Back on Monday!

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