Blithe & Bonny Hand & Body Lotion

30 Mar

So last week/weekend, the huzz and I flew to Palm Springs, CA, to shop, relax, and celebrate my birthday. Two days before we left, I started getting a sore throat and sure enough, by the time we arrived, I was totally sick. With the assistance of Mucinex, Advil, sunny, 80-degree days, and awesome company, I struggled through the days and fancy dinners out. But seriously, I was SICK. I mean it’s been a week and a half and actually, I am STILL sick. Horrible, horrible head and chest congestion, blocked and painful ears, headaches, sore throat, fever, not sleeping. It really kind of ruined my vacation and what’s worse made me feel like a real drag on everyone else’s.

Anyhow, that was a little pity party digression, but it had a point. There is a lot of turn over in the stores in Palm Springs. Last year I went into a store I absolutely loved – in fact, I’d like to open a very similar store in Seattle – called Home101 Apothecary. They carry all sorts of lotions, potions, and the like, and it’s basically product heaven. This year I went in and browsed around, feeling like I was home again, and found just the thing for my sicky self – Blithe & Bonny Eucalyptus Mint Hand & Body Lotion. Amber had already recommended eucalyptus oil to me for my cold, and I didn’t like the smell of the lotion I brought with me, so this seemed like the perfect thing to spoil myself with. And it was! Very soft, moisturizing, and with just the right amount of minty eucalyptus scent, I felt like I was babying myself every time I smoothed it over my body. It leaves just the tiniest tingle behind without being too medicinal or overpowering.

When I got home, I browsed online for this lotion and found they also sell it at Anthropologie !BUT! you can get it from Home101 (online) for a buck less and help support a great independent store.

Go! Buy! And next time you’re sick, you’ll thank me.

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