Hunter Boots

31 Mar

This isn’t technically a beauty product, but it is something I can’t live without here in the rainy, dreary Pacific Northwest.

As I’ve mentioned, I am a dog walker. I spend five days a week out walking in the elements, and here in Seattle. the elements include approximately 10 to 11 months of rain. I have about ten pairs of rain boots – Wellies, galoshes, rubber shoes, what have you. I have tried many different brands. J Crew is slightly too short for my long, narrow, size 11 feet. Sperry Topsiders fit great but offer only basic comfort, which is actually important when you’re walking five or more miles a day. Kamiks are so-so – cute style but not great fit or comfort. I LOVED my Earth shoes for fit, comfort, AND style, until I discovered they were giving me Achilles tendinitis – ouch. I had not invested in a pair of Hunter boots until recently. I knew they were popular, but paying over $100 for a pair of rain boots seemed excessive and silly. Being a shoe whore as well as a product whore, however, I finally broke down and bought a pair of Hunter Tall Glossy Boots in black.

I was a bit put off by the fact that they are very fitted around my average-width calves, thus preventing me from tucking pants into them with any sort of comfort. Leggings work great, but if I want to tuck a pair of yoga pants (which are my typical dog walking attire) into them, it’s a very tight fit. I wore them now and again, but they were not my go-to boots. Until I gave them a chance to shine.

I decided to bring them to New Orleans with me for Mardi Gras, since the forecast was calling for rain. They were a bit cumbersome to pack but seemed like a good idea. And boy were they.

Mardi Gras was awesome. It was a huge, city-wide party, where everyone was drunk but friendly, enjoying themselves but not at anyone else’s expense. I have a very low tolerance for jackassery, assholery, and general dickheadedness, so this was a pleasant surprise for me. The air of brother/sisterhood and good will, however, could not mask (pun intended!) one fact: the streets at Mardi Gras runneth over, and there’s no telling what they’re running over with. Seriously. Muck and liquid fill the gutters. People are spilling drinks everywhere and also, presumably (although I thankfully did not witness this myself) relieving themselves when needed wherever is convenient. I guarantee the soup flowing freely down the streets of the French quarter contained no less that 200 strains of DNA from no fewer than five different sources (hair, blood, urine, puke, etc.) And short of waders, I don’t think anything could have protected me better than my knee-high, fitted rubber Hunter boots. When I got back to my hotel at night, I looked with great satisfaction at the splash marks all over my boots and knew my feet had been protected from whatever diseases lurked in those celebration-filled streets. What’s more, my feet were not sore or burning the way they would have been had I worn a standard pair of rubber boots all day long.

The icing on the cake is that the boots looked totally reasonable and cute with both a fancy dress and with my burlesque-y Mardi Gras costume. They weren’t high fashion, mind you; the only waterproof boots I’ve found that fit that bill were the Earth boots, and I already mentioned my trouble with them. But they did meld form and function well enough to make me feel both cute AND protected, and for that, I say Hip Hip Hooray for Hunter!

Since returning home, I have also bought a pair of Hunter Short Gloss Boots, which I find more usable for day-to-day rainy weather walking.

If you are looking for a pair of galoshes that are reasonably fashionable, highly functional, and quite comfortable, look no further – get yourself a pair of Hunters.

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