Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow

9 Apr

I used Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow in 54 – the rightmost color above – yesterday for Easter and was reminded why I bought almost every one of these colors when this line first came out.

I am a glitter girl. I used to perform burlesque – I would put glitter on everything if I could, from my eyes to my lips to my fancy brassiere. However, in real life, offstage, glitter has a limit. I don’t want it covering my face, I don’t want it getting on anyone who comes into my glittery aura, and I definitely don’t want people looking at me and wondering if I fell head first into a craft bin. So I have to be subtle with my glitter, and the way I do that is with lightly glittery eyeshadows, frosted lip glosses, and sparkly nail polishes.

Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow does glitter right. The colors are smooth and powdery, and true to the color they appear. The light purple goes on light purple; the dark purple is noticeably darker. And the glitter is just divine – it’s there, but it’s not going to end up all over your face, making you look like a Mariah Carey video.

Best of all, the range of colors means you can find one that will suit you for a night out or, say, for an Easter church service. It’s all up to you.

Glitz yo’self.

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