Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Calming Creme

11 Apr

This is probably the most boring product I will ever recommend, but I use it every single evening, so it’s worth a mention!

Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Calming Creme is a thick, unscented moisturizer that I use nightly on my hands before bed. It softens and protects my hands without leaving behind a film, and the fact that it’s unscented makes me feel like I am using something designed less for the beauty realm than for the health realm. During the winter, when my skin gets especially dry, I’ll use it after showering over my whole body, and it definitely works better than my standard smell-good moisturizers at eliminating dry, flaky alligator skin.

I had a friend with sensitive skin visit last summer (shout out to Shari!), and I took her to my favorite mani pedi place in Seattle, Hoa Salon in Madison. The only complaint I have about Hoa is that I can’t be sure what’s in the lotions they use on you – it’s not a “spa” atmosphere where everything is organic (and thus ten times more expensive). I recommended to Shar that we bring my Eucerin for her, to ensure she didn’t have a bad reaction to Hoa’s lotion. (Incidentally, Hoa is always happy to use anything you bring – I actually bring my own lotion and Zoya nail polishes and they’re always extremely accommodating – love that place!) She had no bad reaction to the lotion, and quite liked how well it absorbed and the fact that it didn’t leave a fragrance behind.

At less than nine bucks for a tube that will last FOREVER, I suggest everyone picks up a tube or two of this for those times when you just want your skin to be moisturized without any scent. Well worth the money.

3 Responses to “Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Calming Creme”

  1. Shari April 26, 2012 at 7:04 pm #

    This is like recommending a brand of plain white socks. There is nothing sexy about it, you won’t be excited to get it home, or to tell your friends about it. It shows up to work every day without complaint…it is the strong, silent workhorse of winter moisturizing. Eucerin….we salute you.

    • katej78 April 26, 2012 at 7:06 pm #

      HAHAHA! Yes, totally. It is the underappreciated employee who comes to work every day, never complains, and does a good enough job to get periodic raises and bonuses without getting noticed.


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