A Week In My Purse – Day 3: tarte Amazonian clay pressed mineral powder

17 Apr

As usual, with everything Tarte, their Amazonian Clay Pressed Mineral Powder is the bomb diggety. (Also as usual with everything Tarte, their packaging leaves something to be desired, but I will save that for another post.) There’s not too much to say about this powder really, which in itself is a pro. What do you want from a powder? Translucence, good coverage, oil absorption, matte quality, lightness, good color selection, natural ingredients – Tarte hits every one of these dead on. The compact includes a mirror and a foam applicator, so it’s an all-in-one package, and periodic reapplication doesn’t leave me looking or feeling cakey or covered.

Nestled in next to my Cargo blu-ray concealer, Tarte’s powder is another don’t-leave-home-without purse staple.

2 Responses to “A Week In My Purse – Day 3: tarte Amazonian clay pressed mineral powder”

  1. Danniel Nicole April 17, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

    Is this powder translucent, or can you build up to a full coverage? Been hearing a lot of rave reviews about Tarte Cosmetics, especially after their lipstick pencil in Birchbox’s Teen Vogue Edition. By the way…I absolutely LOVE your idea of a week in my makeup bag! It’s a great way to go in depth about each product, rather than have one enormous post. Genius!

    • katej78 April 19, 2012 at 8:10 pm #

      You know, that’s a hard question for me to answer, and something I’ll have to check out. I’m not a “builder” – I really prefer a natural look, and kind of just use powder to “set” my concealer and give my face a matte finish, as opposed to using it for heavy coverage purposes. I imagine you can build it but I can’t really say as it’s just not something I’ve ever tried.

      I’ve been a Tarte devotee for awhile – their products are GREAT and all natural!

      Thanks for the compliment! 😀 Hope you enjoy the rest of the week, I am straying from the cosmetic theme a bit.

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