Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask

30 Apr

My skin has been feeling extra grody lately, and I have found that nothing perks it up like a good clay mask after my morning shower. I have had some good clay mask experiences lately, AND I have had some good Chantecaille cosmetics experiences lately, so I decided to splurge on Chantecaille’s Detox Clay Mask at Nordy’s.

Although I have switched almost exclusively to Caudalie skin care (and with awesome results – Shanda at Elaia Spa couldn’t say enough about how great and hydrated my skin looks last time I got a facial from her), I am a princess and like that Chantecaille is a “luxury” skin care brand, so I thought I’d treat myself to a mask from them. (Note: I’m also still addicted to the Kate Somerville exfoliant and it’s still incredible.)

Let me preface this by saying that although estheticians almost ALWAYS tell me my skin is on the dry side, it never feels dry to me. It always feels slightly greasy, especially around my nose and on my chin. So I really like a good drying clay mask that makes my face feel super cleansed and dried out before I apply lotion. (Another note: I think this most recent facial is the first one I have had where the esthetician said nothing about dry skin – again, thank you Caudalie.) So I am reviewing this mask based on the fact that I like a good, drying mud mask.

I never know what to make of these masks that are super dark, but it’s supposed to be made of clay, right? And sometimes clay is dark. I started smoothing this on and noticed immediately that it is pretty greasy. I covered my face, dutifully trying to avoid my eyes and hairline, which I am always terrible at, especially since I have short, completely spiral curly curls around my face that insist on being involved in everything. I finished and sought my husband out, making spoooooky souuuunds. He knew what I was up to and wasn’t impressed (although he soon forgot, left the room, and when returning, jumped upon seeing my face – HEE). I left the mask on for the recommended ten minutes, and when it wasn’t anywhere near “dry,” left it on another ten. That did nothing – it was still gooey and sticky to the touch. I got a towel and started wiping it off and let me say this stuff is MESSY. It took an entire large hand towel – not a wash cloth, a real hand towel – to even start cleaning it off, and any time the hand towel brushed the sink, it left behind dark gray smudges. I ended up getting most of it off but having to finish with wet paper towels and wiping off the sink with a separate wash cloth. (The towel goes in the wash later today – I’ll update if there are any issues with staining fabric.) In the end, I was seriously disappointed. My face felt no different. It was still greasy-feeling, it didn’t feel “detoxed” at all, my pores looked the same, I didn’t have any kind of glow. I gave it a day to be sure – I didn’t even apply any makeup yesterday – but it’s no better today.

Blah, total waste of money. I just can’t recommend this product at all. I see and feel no difference – not even in hydration. I stand by my previous recommendation of Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque for a nice, detoxifying, drying mud mask (super cheap, too). For a little more moolah, try Ummelina’s Sea Mud Mask at $11.00, which I also really like.

I’ll try to review some Caudalie products later this week – ce sont magnifiques.

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