Organix Soft & Silky Vanilla Silk Shampoo & Conditioner

20 Jun

I’m not even going to make this a very long post because it’s simply not worth it. Suffice it to say, I decided to bring some drugstore brand shampoo and conditioner with me overseas so I could toss it before the trip home, thus making room for precious souvenirs. I found Organix Soft & Silky Vanilla Silk Shampoo & Conditioner, and was impressed that it was sulfate-free, reasonably cheap, and smelled great.

I tried it for the first time in England and was not pleased. It seemed to get my hair clean enough, but the conditioner did not condition my hair at ALL. I have mentioned before that I have a lot of hair, and it ranges from straight to frizzbomb. I deliberately bought Organix’s “soft & silky” formulation that claims to “instantly nourish and moisturize” because my hair needs lots of taming to make it brushable. I ended up using a ton of my Orofluido just to make my hair manageable enough to get a comb through. Still, I never give up after one use (unless a product somehow damages me), so a couple days later, when it was time to wash my hair, I tried again, this time really LOADING on the conditioner and letting it sit for awhile. Nope – same result, and used the other half of my travel size bottle of Orofluido to correct the situation (don’t worry, I thought ahead and brought three mini bottles). In the end, it turned out I’d left some Body Shop shampoo and conditioner there last time and I switched to that, and that did my hair fine, so I know it wasn’t just, like, the water or water pressure or something.

I cannot recommend this shampoo and conditioner combo and will likely shy away from trying any other hair products by Organix. Shame, because I’d love to find a drugstore-priced sulfate-free shampoo that I adore.

3 Responses to “Organix Soft & Silky Vanilla Silk Shampoo & Conditioner”

  1. Wendy June 20, 2012 at 1:06 pm #

    Have you tried Wen? I’m a two-year-old Wen girl.

    • katej78 June 20, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

      No – another friend just suggested it and I looked it up on Amazon and am confused by “cleansing conditioner.” What is that? Is it an all-in-one? My hair typically laughs (heartily) at all-in-ones.


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    […] pretty particular when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. I have been burned recently (see Organix and Phyto, ugh), have crazy hair, and require my shampoos to be sulfate free. I want my hair to […]

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