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Bali Secrets: An All-Natural Deodorant That Works

7 Apr

I updated my previous blog to reflect this, but it also deserves it’s own place here.

I have been using Bali Secrets for about a month with zero odor and limited sweat. I have recommended it to other people who have reported the same results. I emailed the company to ensure it was truly all-natural, and they confirm it is.

I don’t really know what else to say, except…


The Search for an All-Natural Deodorant that Works

19 Feb

UPDATE: I found it! I found the natural deodorant that works!
No point in going on and on: Bali Secrets
I haven’t smelled the smells as that’s brand new (!) but I can tell you IT WORKS. And I have recommended it to others who say the same!
The search is over.

Well well well! Haven’t posted here in awhile! And this is actually a bit of a cross-post, as it also pertains to my breast cancer situation.

Since before my diagnosis, I have been searching for a more “natural” antiperspirant/deodorant. This is a hard search for me. I tend to hyperhidrosis in my pits (oh my god there’s a SOCIETY for this!) and have ever since I was a kid – I used Certain Dri as  a teenager and young adult (on the recommendation of my doctor), and while I can assure you it works like nothing else, I can’t say how good it is for you, so I phased out of that. Nonetheless, I don’t like the feeling or the look of big sweat patches in my pits, so that’s problem one. Problem two is that, along with sh!t and bleach, body odor is one of my top three least favorite smells. So I need to find a product that can manage both excessive sweat and ANY odor, and that has been hard.

Schmidt’s was the first product that was recommended to me. They have a bunch of different scents, and I have heard rave reviews from everyone – I have actually had two lovely people, Chelsea and Gretchen, gift it to me! I tried it first last summer, which may not have been fair – it was pretty sweltering, and the sweat factor was at the max. I sweated through it in half a day and was stinking by afternoon. So I gave up on it fairly quickly and vowed to try it again in the fall, which I then forgot to do.

My sister sent me another pot after my chemo started, so I remembered to try again. This time, it seemed to work better, but I did get a rash. However, I don’t know if this is because of the actual product or because of skin sensitivity due to chemo, so I may give it another go when the chemo is over. Or I may not, because frankly, I am not thrilled about the application process. You get out of the shower with nice clean hands, then have to scoop it out of the jar, semi-hard, warm it up between your hands, apply it, and wash your hands. That’s a little more time than I have to spare with two small kids, but who knows.

I tried a bunch of other brands not worth mentioning because they seemed to do nothing. Then recently I tried True Natural Roll-On Deodorant with 24-hour performance. Um, no. It worked fairly well, I do have to give it that. I did sweat through it, though maybe a “normal” sweater wouldn’t, but I still stank by the end of the day. (In my case, this is around a 7am application and end of the day is around 8pm.) So I sniff at their claim of “24-hour protection,” which may be true if you’re comatose or a couch potato. But if you’re active – and I’m not saying working out, lord knows I don’t do that, but lead a moderately active life – it does NOT last 24 hours. That said, it smells very pleasant, and perhaps with a mid-day reapply it might be a keeper. I haven’t thrown it away.

Most recently and so far at the top of my list is Rinse deOdor Stick, which much to my chagrin is not available at Amazon – I found it at Fireworks here in Seattle. It’s very firm but comes in a push up style applicator, so no hands involved. It has more or less completely controlled my sweat, although there is some breakthrough body odor by the end of the day – less than with the True, BUT if I don’t reapply late in the day/before bed, I know I will be pretty stinky in the morning.

A friend of mine, Dawn, has told me that a friend of HERS has recommended Meow Meow Tweet, which I have not yet tried, but see is also a “hand application” situation, so I am not chomping at the bit to buy it.

Have you tried any natural deodorants? Have any suggestions? Want to join the International Hyperhidrosis Society with me? Please comment below.

Pregnant & Sick – How Do You Cope?

10 Feb

I just posted a blog about this on my other site, Making a Person. It’s more pregnancy-related than product-related, but I do share a bunch of product recs that are helping me struggle through this nasty bug I have caught while pregnant. Please check it out if it’s something that interests you!

Pregnant & Sick – How Do You Cope?


6 Dec

My skin is FREAKING out! The weather, the heat, stress, hormones – I have a red rash all around my nose and mouth that makes me look like I spent the night sucking face with Ronald McDonald. And maybe caught something.

I have been being super gentle with my skin – stopped using the Clarisonic, switched to Boscia skincare since a lot of it’s fragrance free, moisturizing like crazy, using Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel, and today went so far as to use Diorskin Nude BB Creme – and I don’t ever use foundation. The closest I come is Chantecaille’s Future Skin, which is lovely and quite helpful when my skin is normally uneven, but can’t even touch what I have going on right now. The Diorskin is an improvement but I really don’t like the one-dimensional look it gives my face. I just really hate foundation is the problem.

So I turn to you, dear readers (what are there, like six of you? Five?) for recommendations. I want a foundation to hide my shame. But I don’t want to look fake. But it needs to have at least medium coverage. But I would still like to look like I have pores. But not like I have a contagious disease. You see my problem.

Recommendations? Advice? Help? I welcome it.

Ooh La, Rue La!

26 Jun

Ah the subscription model of shopping. I am a sucker, and I LOOOOVE getting packages. Plus it’s a great way to try out new products without having to invest in full sizes.

So far, I am a member both of  BeautyBar Sample Society and Birchbox. And then, cause you know, I like to share the wealth, I also signed up for BarkBox. FOR MY DOG.

sample society

If you decide to sign up for BeautyBar Sample Society after seeing this, please consider using my referral code – kate78 – so I can get credit!


Then my friend Cait mentioned Glossybox to me. I have been meaning to look into it but not had a chance yet.


Today, Rue La La is offering a DEAL on Glossybox – $40 for a $100 membership. WHAT! So yeah. I signed up. And maybe, if you’re anything like me, you should too.

rue la la glossybox

If you’re a member of a similar program, please share the details and your referral code below, or tweet it to me @kate78, #lipglosslife!

Perfectly Posh – FREE SAMPLES!

27 May


I know it has been a long time. Too long. I have missed you, truly. I have so many things to blog about, so many products I have tried that have hit or missed, so many thoughts and ideas and…. but I also have a six month old who doesn’t sleep. Really, he is a robot. As a result, I have been lagging. But I have not forgotten you, or given up. So please don’t give up on me.

In the meantime… I have a friend who has begun selling Perfectly Posh products, and I want to give her some props. I won’t get into the whole story out of respect for her privacy. Long story short, she needs a job to make some money for a very worthwhile situation, but wants to be at home for her kiddos as well. I have been waiting to post till I had the opportunity to try at least ONE of the products, and I finally have and love it! Slather Body Butter in Brazilian Bombshell is super soft, moisturizing, and has a great scent – tropical, with a hint of coconut and passionfruit. I’ve been using it the last few days and plan to get more!

Anyhow, I am normally a bit suspicious of MLM/direct sales companies, and usually try to avoid them. However, I have done a bit of internet research on the company itself as well as the owner, and other than being a bit put off by the overly made up and somewhat severe photo of her on her site, found absolutely NOTHING of any concern.

Bottom line: check out my friend’s Perfectly Posh site (yes, this is a plug – I’m being totally up front about it) and then shoot me a line at lipglossandlife(at)live(dot)com with your name and mailing address and I will pop a sample of a Perfectly Posh product in the mail to you. I can’t take requests for specific samples as she only gave me a handful of them, but I promise if you’re among the first ten or so people to email me, you WILL get a sample in the mail within the next week or so.

That’s it, and I hope to be back to blogging with some sort of regularity in the very near future!

New Blog

30 Oct

I’m working on separating my girly-girl product lover life and my boring, baby-making, giant belly life, and this is the result:

Holy Crap, I’m Making a Person.

Feel free to follow me there for baby news and views and hopefully bizarre stories about what I am hoping will be one weird kid.