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Adam Hardy, Fine Art and Pet Portraits

30 Apr

For my wedding, my friend Marie and her husband gave me the portrait above.

It’s of my cat Piglet, who passed away two and a half years ago, the first of a series of losses in my life that also included my father and mother-in-law.

I wept when I opened her gift, but not (just) because I missed Piglet. Her husband, Adam, lovingly handcrafted this beautiful portrait for me. It’s a mixed media portrait of painting, pastel, and decorative papers (you can see it on his site here) and it’s so faithful to the original photograph it’s almost stunning (I’ll try to find the original and post it soon).

Adam is a freelance artist in NYC, originally from the UK, and this is a shameless plug for him and his work. After seeing the amazing job he did on Piglet’s portrait, I commissioned him to paint a portrait of my friend Jen’s cat, Phoenix, after he passed away, and you can see that artwork here. Again – a lovely job, perfect for framing and hanging.

I recommend Adam both for your own personal pet portraits as well as an artist to commission for a thoughtful gift for someone who has recently lost a beloved pet. Additionally, Adam also creates fine art worthy of hanging in your home – his full catalogue of work can be found on this website. I am trying to get him to start his own website, but you know artists – he prefers creating art to managing the “techie” side of things, so it’s an ongoing battle.

Adam’s also recently begun a Zazzle shop, where his graphic designs are printed on tee shirts, baby clothes, etc.

I really find his work both lovely and inspirational, and am recommending him not because he is the husband of a friend, but because I truly believe he is talented and deserves more appreciation than he’s currently getting!

Please browse Adam’s work and feel free to contact him at micepie(at)aol(dot)com if you’d like to commission him for a specific work. He’s very responsive and friendly, and all he needs is a photo to get started. Let him know I sent you, and please pass the word onto your art-loving (and animal-loving) friends!

Chantecaille Event at Frenchy’s!

12 Mar

Have any of you used Chantecaille? (No, not Chanticleer; that’s something else, although it’s really all I can think of when I see Chantecaille.) I have heard amazing things, but never actually used them myself. Which is why I am SO psyched that Frenchy’s in Madison Park is having a Chantecaille Mini-Makeover event tomorrow! If you have also wondered about this botanical makeup and skincare line, give Frenchy’s a call to book your mini-makeover tomorrow – I’ll be stopping by around noon!

Two Fun Beauty Events This Friday at Pinup Salon and Frenchy’s!

27 Feb

Did you know that in ancient Rome, March was the first month of the year? It’s true – it’s why Aries (my sign!) is always listed first in the zodiac. What better month to revamp your beauty routines and start fresh?

Pinup Salon (West Seattle & Ravenna) – the salon I use and also one of my favorite small businesses in Seattle – is hosting a special event for Loyalty Rewards Members ONLY on Friday afternoon/evening. I can bring ONE friend with me, so if you’re interested in more details, please message me privately and we’ll talk. Or you could give Pinup a call, book yourself an appointment, and become a Loyalty Rewards Member yourself, and check out the event on your own. Just remember to tell them Kate sent you. 😀

Frenchy’s Day Spa (Madison Park) is hosting a special introduction to Caudalie products this Friday, open to everyone. For $30, you can get a half-hour Caudalie mini-facial AND that $30 will also be credited towards your purchase of Caudalie products! If you’re not familiar with Caudalie, a lovely, all-natural brand, this is the perfect chance to experience them at a great price! They’re one of my favorites.

I’ll be at Frenchy’s at 3pm and Pinup at 4pm. Hope to see some of you at one or the other!


16 Feb

Sweet, delicious, sug - wait, you're going to put that WHERE?!?

This morning I went and did something I do every four weeks – I had my friend Jill use sugar, something I usually associate with everything good and pure in life, to rip the hair off my goodie box. YOWCH!

I got my business waxed for years, and although effective, waxing your lady bits is pretty painful. For starters, the wax takes off the top layer of your epidermis, so afterwards, your skin is red and raw. Second, I have pretty coarse hair, and somewhat sensitive skin, so I was really prone to ingrowns. Finally, no matter how good the esthetician, I always seemed to have strays that I would later have to attack with a tweezers. Yuck.

I started seeing Jill at Smooth Sugaring Studio YEARS ago, and honestly, although I can’t say I enjoy the process, it is worlds better than waxing. I really like the all-natural aspect of sugar. There are no cloth strips, no chemicals, and it takes only the hair – not the skin. It’s much quicker than waxing, in my experience, and I have far fewer ingrowns and no angry red skin. I also find it considerably less painful. It still hurts – sorry, but having your hair ripped out down there is gonna hurt – but much less so than waxing. Besides all that, Jill herself is awesome – we talk and chat through the session (which usually takes less than 20 minutes), and she knows all the latest products to soothe skin and slow down regrowth. But this isn’t Yelp, so I won’t go all “go see Jill!” on you. (But if you’re in the Seattle area, seriously, you should. Just sayin’.)

Okay, so here’s a little more specific information – read no further if you don’t want to know my personal experiences with hair removal, and possibly have a vague visual of my nether regions.

I get a modified Brazilian – I keep a triangle up top, and everything below that goes. When I used to get waxed, the waxer would often make me get on my elbows and knees on the table, in the position I UNaffectionately refer to as the “wave your ass in the air like you just don’t care” position, so she could do the under bits. Not so with Jill – she just has me roll on a side and bend one knee! SO much more pleasant and less embarrassing. I’m not sure if this is standard procedure with sugaring, but it’s the first time I have experienced it.

All in all, highly recommend sugaring, specifically sugaring with Jill. If you’re elsewhere than Seattle, try a Google search to see if any estheticians in your area do it – it’s definitely gaining ground, so you might have a sugarer near you!