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Changing Myself, Changing the Earth

29 Jun

I reposted this the other day, and now I can’t get it out of my head:


I can tell you I have at least ELEVEN of these brands in my arsenal upstairs right now. And I switched to La Mer maybe a year ago and have been loving it so much that I thought I’d found my forever skin care brand.

I told myself I’ll just finish what I have and move on – there’s no sense in wasting what I’ve already bought. Especially with La Mer, which costs an arm and a leg. But I can’t stop thinking about it. And thinking about it. And thinking about it.

I believe the meaning of life is not only to do as little harm as possible, to never intentionally hurt anyone or anything, but also to make change where you can, positive change that makes our world better. So here I am.

Don’t buy the brands above. The reason they test on animals is because China, that bastion of human and animal rights, requires animal testing by law for cosmetics. Therefore, a company cannot market and sell its cosmetic products in China unless the products have been tested on animals. So, the reason they test on animals is so that they can sell their products in China. So, the reason they test on animals is, pure and simple, money.

You’re smart. You can make your own choices. But I hope you can look around at all the suffering in this world and ask yourself, “Should I indirectly contribute to that?” If you find yourself saying no, or even saying I don’t know, maybe it’s time to check out this list and make some changes.

I know I am.

Weleda Everon Lip Balm

22 Jul

I have been looking for a lip balm in a tube that I really love. After trying Weleda’s Everon Lip Balm, I am still looking.

Here are my criteria:

  • easy to open and apply
  • glides on smooth
  • looks glossy
  • stays on a reasonable amount of time
  • nice but not overpowering scent
  • nice flavor a bonus
  • no spf (because that always messes with the scent and flavor. ALWAYS.)
  • natural a big plus

As you know, I absolute LOVE Korres little gloss pots, but I don’t always feel like getting a messy finger applying them – sometimes, like at bedtime, I just want to twist up a balm and be done with it.

For awhile I was using Clinique’s balm at bedtime. It fulfilled a lot of the above criteria, but it had a couple flaws. One, it is a BITCH to open – the smooth, shiny metal tube slides out of even the most lightly moisturized fingers. Two, it has no real flavor or scent, which I kind of miss. At bedtime, it’s fine, but I’d like a balm to carry with me during the day, and then, I don’t know, scent is a plus. I have also tried Caudalie’s balm. Same story – good, but it’s not glossy enough for day wear and it doesn’t have much of a scent. Sigh, my life is so tough.

I decided to try Weleda’s Everon balm, and am currently using it at bedtime. MEH. It has a nice, cocoa butter sort of smell and is easy to open, but it’s HARD, so it is kind of tough to put on, and it’s not at all glossy. I’ll keep using it at bedtime, but the quest for the perfect day balm continues.

Two Notes!

25 May

I have two product reviews for you that I hope to publish today, but first, two quick notes!

One, I took my friend Dina, who is not a huge makeup fan, for her maiden voyage to Sephora last week. She was visibly nervous and I get it – it would be like me going to Fry’s without my husband and attempting to buy some computery thing. But she had an idea of what she wanted – a concealer and a lipgloss – and those are two things I know lots about. I recommended she get the Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer and Tarte LipSurgence Crayon. I am happy to report she is positively delighted with both, and has even gotten compliments on how fab she looks! Moral is: Listen to the product princess, she knows that of which she blogs.

Second – in spite of obstacles and set backs, it seems that my wonderful huzz and I have defied the odds and managed to create a new little person. 🙂 Due date is December 1, so far so good, and yes, we will be finding out the gender. Cross your fingers that things continue to progress normally!

Incidentally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to that same wonderful huzz, and thank you for tolerating my product addiction and supporting me always! xoxo

A Week In My Purse – Day 6: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

26 Apr

So I totally fell asleep at the wheel on this series – sorry about that! I went out of town for the weekend and then this week has just WHOOSH flown by! Anyhow, onto day 6!

I recently read an article/blog post by a woman discussing the first time she used Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. Of course now I can’t find it, but if I do, I will link to it.

If you have not heard of or used this seminal lipgloss, you are surely in the minority. I really wish I could find the posting I just mentioned, because it would save me a lot of time here – the author articulates pretty much exactly my thoughts and experiences with Black Honey so well that I can only assume that all teenage girls must have had similar experiences with it. But since I can’t find it, I’ll tell you my own, and hope I’m not impinging on her writing too much.

I think the first time I ever used Black Honey was in ninth grade algebra class. My friend Alison Spitz, who has since vanished from the face of the planet, was a devotee and introduced me. It was pretty intimidating – I was used to Bonne Bell Lip Smackers and the occasional Revlon dabbed carefully on my pout. This metallic-cased, department store brand tube of dark brown grown up lipstick was new and alluring. Alison assured me that the color in the tube was actually quite different than the color on the lips, and so, very carefully, I smoothed it on.

This stuff is called “Almost Lipstick” for a reason. It is SO dark on the stick, and SO perfectly lovely and not dark at all on your lips. A sheer berry, it’s the perfect balance of brown and pink, and I have never seen it on anyone it didn’t suit perfectly. My mother insists on wearing frosting pink lipstick (it’s her thing, don’t ask me), but I bought her a tube of this one year and insisted she try it on and damn if it didn’t look just right. There’s something about this color that just brings out the perfect tint in everyone’s pucker, be that person a blonde, a brunette, or a redhead. I read once that to look natural, your lipstick should be the same color as your tongue, and maybe that’s where this gloss gets it right – it’s a sheer reddish pinkish tongue color. But you know – Clinique Almost Lipstick in Tongue didn’t sound quite as nice.

Okay, so it’s a great lipstick/gloss, yeah? And I already have one of those in my purse. So what else makes this one a don’t-leave-home-without necessity?

It doubles as a blush.

This is not something Clinique promotes or something I have ever heard anyone else say – I figured this out all on my own. Doing a frantic makeup job in the car one day (after going out without any on and realizing I had to meet someone), I looked in anguish at my pallid complexion and wondered what to do. Yes, the old standard of pinching my cheeks occurred to me, but of course that only lasts a few minutes. I tentatively dabbed a little Black Honey up each cheekbone, smooth smooth smoothed it in, and voila – a perfectly tinted cream cheek stain. A little more on my lips and I looked totally normal instead of like the walking dead.

Double duty lipgloss AND blush? I love you, Black Honey, and I have since the moment we met.

PM Skin Care: The Estée Lauder Edition

12 Mar

I have been promising to follow up my AM version of this for some time, but it’s going to be a long one and I have been busy. After being told the other day, however, that my skin “looks like a baby’s,” I think it’s finally time to get on it!

I used to be really, really lazy about taking my makeup off at night (read: I didn’t do it), but as I have gotten older, I have started trying to take better care of my skin. This includes not just removing makeup at night, but also moisturizing and pampering so my skin can recover as I sleep.

The first step in this nightly routine is the removal of eye makeup. I used to use Almay’s eye makeup remover pads, which are really good and gentle, but I need about five a night to do what Neutrogena’s extra gentle eye makeup remover pads do in one. One side for each eye and I’m done. Sometimes they’re a bit dry, but I just add a little tap water and they work fantastically. Gentle and effective – a must.

Next I use SpaSilk baby washcloths and water – no soap – to cleanse my face. I get the washcloth wet and gently scrub the makeup off my face. Since I use mineral-based makeup, I am not too concerned about any being left on my skin, but a gentle water wash with the aid of the washcloth seems to get almost everything off anyhow. I am prone to dry skin, so the less soap I use on my face, the better.

I keep the following four items next to my bed.

I start with lip balm because by the time I’m done moisturizing my face, my hands are too slick to open the tube! Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment is my balm du jour. It’s extremely smooth and hydrating, goes on softly like a gloss, but is in no way sticky, goopy, or at all “makeup” like. Additionally, it’s totally fragrance free, which I’d normally eschew in a lip gloss, but before bed and after brushing your teeth, it’s kind of nice to have something that’s not all smelly and flavored.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye goes on next. I dab it under and around my eyes. I definitely see a difference in my crow’s feet from before I started using this and now, so I’d recommend it. Not sure how much it does for dark circles and bags, but the best things for those are really plenty of sleep and plenty of water, anyhow. This formula is a “gel” type (as opposed to a cream) and is very light and pleasant.

After eye gel, I put on Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. There has been a LOT of buzz about this product, but unfortunately I can’t 100% speak to it. Granted, I get a lot of compliments on my skin, even from estheticians during facials, but I have a pretty complicated routine, so who knows how much this one product is actually contributing to it. Nonetheless, I have had no bad experiences with it, and perhaps it is an integral part of what keeps my skin healthy. At any rate, this is a very light, gentle serum, with an almost unnoticeable fragrance. It’s pretty pricey, but people do seem to love it.

Final step (whew)! After ALLLL that other stuff is done, I smooth some Estée Lauder Time Zone Night over my face and neck. It’s pleasant smelling and just as nice and creamy as you’d expect a night cream to be.

Voila! That’s the whole lineup.

Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer

9 Feb

Throwing away a fully-used product is a very satisfying experience for me, and one that doesn’t happen all that often. I am constantly trying whatever is new or recommended, and as a result, making room by getting rid of half- or barely-used product. Yesterday, I bid adieu to a fully used tube of Clinique’s Line Smoothing Concealer, and I already have a new tube in my online shopping cart. Here’s why.

I don’t know about the “line smoothing” properties of this product; I can’t say I have noticed much of a difference in the appearance of lines before or after. What I do notice, however, is a dramatic decrease in the appearance of dark circles, blotchiness, redness, and other skin imperfections after application. This stuff simply works. I don’t use foundation; I can’t stand the feeling of having makeup covering my face and suffocating my skin. I have been a spot concealer/translucent powder girl since I first started using cosmetics almost (gasp) 20 years ago. This concealer:

  • matches my skin color (I use 03 Moderately Fair)
  • is lightweight and unnoticeable to my delicate skin
  • adequately covers imperfections
  • blends nicely without looking heavy or fake
  • has an easy, comfortable applicator

I have tried and liked many concealers, including Tarte’s, but haven’t found another that so fully encompasses everything I want and need in a spot concealer. If you’re a spot concealer girl like me, give it a try. If you’re a foundation girl, I’d love to hear from you – what brand do you use, and why do you like it?