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Epicuren Kukui Coconut After Bath Moisturizer

31 Aug

epicuren coconut

I have wanted both Epicuren’s Kukui Coconut After Bath Moisturizer and their Tahitian Vanilla After Bath Moisturizer for quite some time, but was (understandably) put off by the price. Fortunately, I usually only see them sold at spas while I’m on vacation, so it wasn’t like I was having to control myself every time I went to, say, Target (which is always a losing battle, by the way – self-control, Target, and I generally don’t appear in the same sentence). When we took Gregory down to Hawaii this spring, however, I finally splurged and got them for myself, reasoning that I have wanted them for a long time and also just produced a tiny human so deserved a treat (don’t judge me).

I have been using Body Shop Body Butters for months now, for four reasons: 1) ease of acquisition; 2) ease of use; 3) quality; and 4) price. About a month ago, however, I suddenly realized I had these fantastic Epicuren lotions waiting to be used, and that I should use the coconut one while the sun is still shining, because smelling like coconut in the Seattle winter seems a little off. Additionally, I love Body Shop Butters for being so hydrating, but it’s been an uncharacteristically humid summer here, so I wanted something a little lighter weight. Epicuren fit the bill.

I think I would typically give this lotion super high marks, except for the price. What I mean is, it is a great summer lotion – light weight, fragrant in a nice, summery way, easy to dispense, and has lasted some time. I just think there are other lotions out there of the same quality for half the price that do the job just as well. This is really a case of paying for the name. On the plus side, I have gotten lots of compliments on the scent.

Long and the short of it – if you have been considering picking up a bottle of Epicuren’s After Bath Moisturizer, I’d say do it. It’s a great product and for use, I give it high marks across the board. But if you’ve never heard of it before and are just looking for a nice daily moisturizer, maybe think twice – you can get other products for less that will please you just as much.

Spring Exfoliation! Philosophy Coconut Frosting Salt Scrub

4 Mar

I meant to post more exfoliation entries last week, but we got a new puppy (!) and I have been swamped. So even though it’s technically a new week, I’m going to continue the exfoliation entries today with my favorite body exfoliator (thus far!).

This stuff is awesome!

Philosophy Coconut Frosting Salt Scrub is all the good things a salt scrub should be and none of the bad. In the past, I was not a big fan of salt scrubs because of the greasy residue they left on my skin. I understand that exfoliating can remove your skin’s protective oils, but I moisturize every day and didn’t need to feel like a walking oil slick after showering. Here, Philosophy offers a lovely oil-free scrub that sloughs off dead skin, leaves you smooth and moisturized, and doesn’t make your bathtub as slick as an ice rink after use. To add to that, the smell is just divine – I feel like I’m rubbing coconut sugar all over myself.

I don’t exfoliate my body as often as I should, but when I do, it’s all about the Coconut Frosting Scrub. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.