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Why, Kiehl’s, why?

23 Jun

Why must you discontinue the products I love most?

First it was your pretty, scented lip glosses. I could handle that, though – I have a million lip glosses, and yours really were no better than many others.

But your Milk, Honey & Almond Scrub? REALLY, KIEHL’S? REALLY???? One of two facial exfoliators I use constantly – the other being Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate – and you’re taking it from me? The girl at the store told me it “wasn’t as popular” as some of your other scrubs, but the reviews on your website seem overwhelmingly positive. She recommended some other scrub of yours that’s unscented – the smell of the Milk, Honey & Almond Scrub was half the reason I loved it!

I have run out of reasons to go into your store now. Thanks for nothing, Kiehl’s.

A quick lip tip from Palm Springs!

24 Mar

I’m in Palm Springs for the weekend before my birthday, which partially explains the dearth of blog postings lately. I’m posting from my iPad, so am without all the tools available on my laptop, but wanted to type up a quick entry that I think you’ll enjoy!

My lovely friend Amber (whose blog I’ll link to when I return home) was talking about using sugar as an exfoliant before self-tanning, which I thought was a neat idea. Later that same evening, I applied one of my favorite darker lip colors – Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Shanghai – and noticed it was slightly patchy in some spots. Anyone who uses dark lip colors knows this is a sure sign that there are some invisible-without-dark-lipstick rough spots on your pucker. I quickly removed the lipstick and – thanks to Miss Amber – immediately devised a solution.

Our friend Chris had bought sugar cubes with which to make in-room mojitos, and a box of them was sitting by the buffet in our room. I grabbed one and, leaning over the sink, quickly used it to (gently) scour my lips. Thirty seconds and a few licks later, I reapplied the lipstick to smooth, flawless lips! Voila, instant natural exfoliation in your hotel room – I bet you can snack a sugar cube or sugar packet at almost any hotel in the universe, so maybe you’ll have the chance to put this neat trick into action one day yourself.

Back on Monday!

Spring Exfoliation! Bliss Diamancel #20 Callus Rasp

5 Mar

I think if I had to choose ONE body part that suffers most from the winter for me, it would definitely be my feet. Hidden away inside sneakers and galoshes, day after day of miles of walking dogs, I slowly forget I even have feet. I go and get pedicures now and then so that if you see my feet from, you know, five feet up, and kinda squint, they look vaguely human female. But closer inspection would tell the true story, and is not advisable.

I have tried pumice stones, the pedi egg, and foot shavers. My main problem is I am lazy and can’t be bothered to remember to take care of my feet every single day. I’m 6′ tall, and six feet is far enough away that my dogs are out of sight, out of mind. When I read that people saw results from the Bliss Diamancel Callus Rasp almost immediately, I thought, Now HERE is a product I can get behind!

I ordered one from Amazon, and sure enough, after one use, I could totally feel the difference. The Diamancel gently buffs your calluses away without using a sharp blade or cheese grater-like apparatus. It’s like an extra-large Revlon nail file for your feet. I still can’t be bothered to lovingly care for my feet every day (as I probably should), but the Diamancel ensures that when they get extra rough, I have a fast, easy, and safe way to smooth out the edges and make them more like feet and less like hooves.

Spring Exfoliation! LUSH Mint Julips

5 Mar

I keep thinking I am done with exfoliators, then I keep remembering scrubs and skin smoothers that MUST be on this list!

Last night as I stood at the sink before bed, blissfully scrubbing my hands with Milk Made, I noticed my little tub of LUSH Mint Julips sitting next to me. I don’t often need to exfoliate my lips – as you might guess from the name of this blog, I am a lipglossaholic, and I even apply it every night before bed. But every now and then, like when I accidentally get a little too much sun and my lips sustain a burn, they’re left a little flaky. On those occasions, nothing beats a dose of LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub. With ingredients like sugar, jojoba oil, peppermint, and vanilla extract, Mint Julips is both a scrub AND a snack. Smooth some onto your flaky, rough lips, rub rub rub, and lick off! The only con to this tasty little product is it is a bit messy, so you’ll want to use it over the sink, as opposed to in bed. Otherwise, behold, the perfect lip exfoliator!

Spring Exfoliation! Milk Made Smoothing Hand & Cuticle Buffer

4 Mar

Next in my exfoliation series is Cake’s Milk Made Smoothing Hand & Cuticle Buffer. It is lovely and wonderful. This hand smoother comes with a little spoon to dish out the deliciousness and trust me, it’s hard not to spoon it RIGHT into your mouth. It smells like (surprise) cake, and its salty texture makes it seem even more food-like. Just thinking of it is making me want to run upstairs and use it right now.

Unlike with body scrub, I do like a hand scrub that leaves an oily feeling behind – it makes my hands feel even smoother and softer. I can stand at the sink for a good five minutes just rubbing this into my hands, enjoying the oily salty goodness and the outrageously divine aroma. And after I have scrubbed my hands smooth, I follow with….

Oh my word is it really possible that something could make my hands feel and smell even better? Why yes it is. Cake Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme is the Bonnie to the Buffer’s Clyde, the peanut butter to its jelly, the…. well, you get the picture. Your hands will feel amazing after using the Buffer, but they will feel brand new if you follow up with the Hand Creme.

C’est magnifique!

Spring Exfoliation! Philosophy Coconut Frosting Salt Scrub

4 Mar

I meant to post more exfoliation entries last week, but we got a new puppy (!) and I have been swamped. So even though it’s technically a new week, I’m going to continue the exfoliation entries today with my favorite body exfoliator (thus far!).

This stuff is awesome!

Philosophy Coconut Frosting Salt Scrub is all the good things a salt scrub should be and none of the bad. In the past, I was not a big fan of salt scrubs because of the greasy residue they left on my skin. I understand that exfoliating can remove your skin’s protective oils, but I moisturize every day and didn’t need to feel like a walking oil slick after showering. Here, Philosophy offers a lovely oil-free scrub that sloughs off dead skin, leaves you smooth and moisturized, and doesn’t make your bathtub as slick as an ice rink after use. To add to that, the smell is just divine – I feel like I’m rubbing coconut sugar all over myself.

I don’t exfoliate my body as often as I should, but when I do, it’s all about the Coconut Frosting Scrub. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Spring Exfoliation! Salux Nylon “Beauty Skin Cloth”

2 Mar

Today in spring exfoliation, I bring you the Salux Nylon Beauty Skin Cloth! This product is pretty simple – it’s a large, long, textured plastic washcloth. In spite of its simplicity, however, I am about to give you the reasons I think every woman should own one of these.

  1. It’s cheap. At $4.90 for the cheapest one on Amazon, anyone can afford it.
  2. It comes in all sorts of colors to match your bath décor.
  3. You can use it like the lady in the photo to scrub your back, and everyone should scrub her back (I mean this sincerely – backs need washing too and there are a lot of gross backs out there).
  4. Every woman should have some sort of exfoliating device, and….
  5. This is better than a loofah because it dries super fast and is machine washable, so will harbor less germs/bacteria.

This is great for all over scrubbing, and especially good for scrubbing your lady areas after hair removal. The Salux gets even sulfate-free soaps and body washes to lather like nobody’s business, and your skin will feel super soft afterwards, like you just had a spa scrub.

Get yourself a Salux Beauty Skin Cloth from Amazon, and thank me later!

*Note – Just got a comment from The Salux Shop complaining that I was using their image, even though the image was watermarked with their info so you could Google it AND my very first link was to their site. All the more reason to get your Salux cloths through Amazon!