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Changing Myself, Changing the Earth

29 Jun

I reposted this the other day, and now I can’t get it out of my head:


I can tell you I have at least ELEVEN of these brands in my arsenal upstairs right now. And I switched to La Mer maybe a year ago and have been loving it so much that I thought I’d found my forever skin care brand.

I told myself I’ll just finish what I have and move on – there’s no sense in wasting what I’ve already bought. Especially with La Mer, which costs an arm and a leg. But I can’t stop thinking about it. And thinking about it. And thinking about it.

I believe the meaning of life is not only to do as little harm as possible, to never intentionally hurt anyone or anything, but also to make change where you can, positive change that makes our world better. So here I am.

Don’t buy the brands above. The reason they test on animals is because China, that bastion of human and animal rights, requires animal testing by law for cosmetics. Therefore, a company cannot market and sell its cosmetic products in China unless the products have been tested on animals. So, the reason they test on animals is so that they can sell their products in China. So, the reason they test on animals is, pure and simple, money.

You’re smart. You can make your own choices. But I hope you can look around at all the suffering in this world and ask yourself, “Should I indirectly contribute to that?” If you find yourself saying no, or even saying I don’t know, maybe it’s time to check out this list and make some changes.

I know I am.

GlamGlow Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask

1 May

After my subpar experience with the Chantecaille clay mask on Sunday, I decided to give GlamGlow Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask a shot this afternoon.

WHAM! POW! Holy Jesus, the difference! First thing I noticed is the color is more of a green clay-like color than the Chantecaille pearlescent dark gray mask. Second thing is it’s fragrant. I like the fragrance – it smells like green tea, or at least what perfumes that smell like green tea smell like – but it made me dubious about the content. I don’t really need a perfumed clay mask, I just need it to do its job.

I smoothed it on and could feel the little bits of tea leaf and pumice in the formula – delightful! And as soon as I got it on, it started to tingle. And yes, burn. But burning means it’s working, right? RIGHT?!? Anyhow even with the burn it felt better than rubbing the Chantecaille oil slick on my face, so I was already sold.

It dried in about 15 minutes to the delightful, flaky clay consistency I like in a mask. I looked like Universal’s version of Frankenstein’s monster before I cleaned it off – another positive in my book. The cleanup was about as messy as any other clay mask, which is to say I used one side of one hand towel, and was able to easily wash all residue down the sink.

It was a bit painful to get off – the little bits of pumice dry into the clay and then when I wiped my face, they were very scrapey. Once I was done though I just used the other side of the towel to give my face a cool wipe down and it was fine.

It’s hard to say yet the long-term effects, since I just finished, but my face actually feels SUPER cleansed and exfoliated, like every bit of debris and dead skin is gone. My face is not overly red, which is a good sign, because my skin is pretty sensitive to abrasion.

Overall I’d say so far, GlamGlow – in spite of its silly name – is a keeper. The only real question is – Is it really better than Queen Helene’s super cheap alternative? Time will tell. But I’m glad the Chantecaille can go to make room for this.