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Epicuren Kukui Coconut After Bath Moisturizer

31 Aug

epicuren coconut

I have wanted both Epicuren’s Kukui Coconut After Bath Moisturizer and their Tahitian Vanilla After Bath Moisturizer for quite some time, but was (understandably) put off by the price. Fortunately, I usually only see them sold at spas while I’m on vacation, so it wasn’t like I was having to control myself every time I went to, say, Target (which is always a losing battle, by the way – self-control, Target, and I generally don’t appear in the same sentence). When we took Gregory down to Hawaii this spring, however, I finally splurged and got them for myself, reasoning that I have wanted them for a long time and also just produced a tiny human so deserved a treat (don’t judge me).

I have been using Body Shop Body Butters for months now, for four reasons: 1) ease of acquisition; 2) ease of use; 3) quality; and 4) price. About a month ago, however, I suddenly realized I had these fantastic Epicuren lotions waiting to be used, and that I should use the coconut one while the sun is still shining, because smelling like coconut in the Seattle winter seems a little off. Additionally, I love Body Shop Butters for being so hydrating, but it’s been an uncharacteristically humid summer here, so I wanted something a little lighter weight. Epicuren fit the bill.

I think I would typically give this lotion super high marks, except for the price. What I mean is, it is a great summer lotion – light weight, fragrant in a nice, summery way, easy to dispense, and has lasted some time. I just think there are other lotions out there of the same quality for half the price that do the job just as well. This is really a case of paying for the name. On the plus side, I have gotten lots of compliments on the scent.

Long and the short of it – if you have been considering picking up a bottle of Epicuren’s After Bath Moisturizer, I’d say do it. It’s a great product and for use, I give it high marks across the board. But if you’ve never heard of it before and are just looking for a nice daily moisturizer, maybe think twice – you can get other products for less that will please you just as much.

It’s a Beautiful Day for a Contest!

9 Aug

Today, I won a prize from Nest, the home organization company here in Seattle who is attempting to help me get my life together as I move all our belongings from the house my husband has resided in for 20 years to the house we just finished remodeling WHILE I AM PREGNANT. (No, I’m not at all overwhelmed, why do you ask?!?)

Anyhow, Nest is awesome, and you should enter their contest, BUT you should also enter my contest!

I am thinking, I have some favorites. And I want to share them with you lovely people. So how about a giveaway a month till the baby comes and makes me give up doing everything I have time to do now? YES!

This month’s giveaway will be a little happy Caudalie gift set. I have been raving about Caudalie for months now, and I know I still have yet to write the blogs to back up my love, but I will, I WILL! In the meantime, how do you feel about THIS:

It’s a Caudalie travel kit! Included are mini bottles of:

-Vinosource Quenching Sorbet Creme
-Cleansing Water
-Nourishing Body Lotion
-Fleur de Vigne Shower Gel
-Gentle Conditioning Shampoo

I haven’t even had a chance to try all these products myself, but I can attest that the Cleansing Water is awesome, and the Sorbet Cream is totally divine (or de vine, get it? Since their products are made of grapes? See what I did there?)

ANYHOO, sign up for this fun little giveaway – you don’t have long to enter, as I am going to do the drawing for this one on the 31st – and then next month look to win another of Kate’s Favorite Things, before diapers take over my life.

ENTER THIS CONTEST HERE, NOW!: Caudalie Travel Set Giveaway!


PS. If you enter and say you did things you didn’t do, I will know! Yes I will, and you will lose your entries. So don’t cheat!

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20

19 May

Those of you who know me know I am not a small person. I never have been. I was born weighing in at over 10 pounds, and I’m now 6′ tall with Amazonian hips and bountiful bosoms. I’m not fat, per se, but I am certainly “womanly,” “voluptuous,” and “curvy,” and even when I am as thin as I can get without looking sick, I’m not blowing over in a strong wind.

I recently read an article about shoes (another love of mine) and how plus size women love shoes because shoes don’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5’10” and 110 pounds or 5’2″ and 180, if you’re a size 8, you’re a size 8, and you can walk into any department store or shoe store in the world, pick out a pair in your size, and know they’re going to look fabulous. Those of us who wear larger-sized clothes (again, even at my thinnest, I am squeezing if I wear a 12) will never know the pleasure of buying off the rack. I don’t even bother with vintage clothing stores, much as I love the styles of the 40s and 50s, because they NEVER have anything in my size. To make matters worse, I am ALSO screwed in the shoe department – at a size 11, sometimes 11.5, I can’t usually buy off the rack for shoes, either. 9 times out of 1o – nay, 99 times out of 100, I will fall in love with a pair of shoes only to find out the largest they come in is a 10. And usually they don’t even have those in stock. And vintage shoes? Pahahahaha, right. Apparently women in those days maxed out at an 8, or they wore the boxes.

Now I have managed to amass quite the shoe collection in spite of (or maybe because of?) this disadvantage. I have found brands – Naturalizer, Aerosoles, Nine West – that make a large variety of shoes in my size. And I buy them with gusto and the satisfaction that I DESERVE these shoes because I am not like other women – I have to take them when and where I can find them! Still, it’s not always easy, and I can’t usually see a pair of shoes on a friend and ask where she got them, feeling I could go pick myself up a pair. Because they more than likely don’t even make them in my size.

What does that leave me with? PRODUCT. Product really and truly does not discriminate. One size blush fits all. A tube of mascara, used normally, lasts every woman the same amount of time. Lipgloss is lipgloss is lipgloss. You can have fat lips or thin lips and that lipgloss looks the same.

Okay okay okay. So getting to the point, which I am sure by now you thought I’d never do. I present you with Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 in Glow (ain’t that a mouthful).

I love me some lotion, and I moisturize every day after showering. I got a generous sample size of this with my May Birchbox, and was stoked to try it. It’s a tinted, slightly sparkly moisturizer WITH SPF – what a great idea. So basically, it evens your body skin tone, protects from the sun, and gives you a nice, summery sheen. Love it! The sample was 0.5 fl. oz., and it took the entire thing to cover my body. It didn’t seem to come off on my clothes, gave me a really nice glow, and seemed to moisturize well. You may consider this a plus or a minus, depending on your proclivities, but it hasn’t much of a smell. I personally prefer lotions with a yummy, gourmet smell, but I don’t really like lotions that are too perfumey, so having no smell at all is really probably okay.

I liked this moisturizer/bronzer/suntan lotion SO much that I promptly bought a full-size bottle of it from Amazon. If you click above, you will note that it does not clearly say the size of the bottle, but since the sample size was half an ounce, I figured the full size would be quite large, especially for $34. I received the lotion yesterday and was surprised and more than a little disappointed to discover the full-sized product is – get ready – 3.38 oz. REALLY? I used half an ounce in ONE application! Please tell me if I am being crazy here, but that means there aren’t even seven full uses in this full-sized bottle! Not even a week’s worth of applications for THIRTY-FOUR DOLLARS? I mean, okay, yes, I am impressed by this lotion – its multi-functionality is unique and awesome. But $10 and ounce??? IS IT MADE OF LIQUID GOLD????

This brings me around to my opening. If you are short and thin, hey, this may last you a month. But if you’re 6′ tall and of ample body, it may be a waste of money. I’m so disappointed – even the product sphere has found a way to make me feel awkwardly large. Thanks, Sarah McNamara. Thanks a lot. :/

Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Calming Creme

11 Apr

This is probably the most boring product I will ever recommend, but I use it every single evening, so it’s worth a mention!

Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Calming Creme is a thick, unscented moisturizer that I use nightly on my hands before bed. It softens and protects my hands without leaving behind a film, and the fact that it’s unscented makes me feel like I am using something designed less for the beauty realm than for the health realm. During the winter, when my skin gets especially dry, I’ll use it after showering over my whole body, and it definitely works better than my standard smell-good moisturizers at eliminating dry, flaky alligator skin.

I had a friend with sensitive skin visit last summer (shout out to Shari!), and I took her to my favorite mani pedi place in Seattle, Hoa Salon in Madison. The only complaint I have about Hoa is that I can’t be sure what’s in the lotions they use on you – it’s not a “spa” atmosphere where everything is organic (and thus ten times more expensive). I recommended to Shar that we bring my Eucerin for her, to ensure she didn’t have a bad reaction to Hoa’s lotion. (Incidentally, Hoa is always happy to use anything you bring – I actually bring my own lotion and Zoya nail polishes and they’re always extremely accommodating – love that place!) She had no bad reaction to the lotion, and quite liked how well it absorbed and the fact that it didn’t leave a fragrance behind.

At less than nine bucks for a tube that will last FOREVER, I suggest everyone picks up a tube or two of this for those times when you just want your skin to be moisturized without any scent. Well worth the money.

Blithe & Bonny Hand & Body Lotion

30 Mar

So last week/weekend, the huzz and I flew to Palm Springs, CA, to shop, relax, and celebrate my birthday. Two days before we left, I started getting a sore throat and sure enough, by the time we arrived, I was totally sick. With the assistance of Mucinex, Advil, sunny, 80-degree days, and awesome company, I struggled through the days and fancy dinners out. But seriously, I was SICK. I mean it’s been a week and a half and actually, I am STILL sick. Horrible, horrible head and chest congestion, blocked and painful ears, headaches, sore throat, fever, not sleeping. It really kind of ruined my vacation and what’s worse made me feel like a real drag on everyone else’s.

Anyhow, that was a little pity party digression, but it had a point. There is a lot of turn over in the stores in Palm Springs. Last year I went into a store I absolutely loved – in fact, I’d like to open a very similar store in Seattle – called Home101 Apothecary. They carry all sorts of lotions, potions, and the like, and it’s basically product heaven. This year I went in and browsed around, feeling like I was home again, and found just the thing for my sicky self – Blithe & Bonny Eucalyptus Mint Hand & Body Lotion. Amber had already recommended eucalyptus oil to me for my cold, and I didn’t like the smell of the lotion I brought with me, so this seemed like the perfect thing to spoil myself with. And it was! Very soft, moisturizing, and with just the right amount of minty eucalyptus scent, I felt like I was babying myself every time I smoothed it over my body. It leaves just the tiniest tingle behind without being too medicinal or overpowering.

When I got home, I browsed online for this lotion and found they also sell it at Anthropologie !BUT! you can get it from Home101 (online) for a buck less and help support a great independent store.

Go! Buy! And next time you’re sick, you’ll thank me.

Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion

7 Mar

I LOOOOOVE body lotion. I think I mentioned before, I have a whole big bag of it that I am slowly working through. Currently, I am using Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion, and I gotta say, it’s aight… but just aight.

It smells nice – citrusy.
It moisturizes reasonably well.
It goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling.

When it sinks in, it kinda smells like pot. (I am not the only one who has noticed this.)
It has a slightly grainy texture.
I’m not sure it’s that much better than any other moisturizer I have used, but it sure does cost more.

I also kind of half hopped on the whole argan oil bandwagon, but have not been particularly impressed by what I have experienced with it, so I am almost put off by it now – it’s starting to seem like a silly fad. I also see no basis for this lotion’s claims that it improves “skin’s texture and resilience,” either, but that could just be me.

Overall, I’m divided on this. If you already have a moisturizer you love, I’d say don’t bother. If you’re looking for a new one, maybe give this one a try and see if you like it. You can get it fairly cheap on Amazon at the link above.

Simply Botanicals Relaxation Blend Moisturizing Body Lotion

25 Feb

I have a tote bag full of lotions. Before my recent trip to New Orleans, I went to it to find something to take with me on my trip. I wanted a lotion that was in a smaller container, but large enough to make it through the six days we’d be there.

The smallest-yet-largest one I had was a 4-oz. bottle of Simply Botanicals Relaxation Blend Moisturizing Body Lotion. I picked this up at Seattle’s Elaia Spa (where, incidentally, I have had two of the best facials of my life) after the esthetician sprayed the Relaxation Blend Hydrating Mist over me during my facial. I absolutely love the smell of geranium (LOVE), so really did find this heavenly. After I got home, however, I tossed the bottle in my lotion tote and promptly forgot about it. Boy am I ever glad I rediscovered it.

Again, the smell is divine (assuming you like roses/geranium/citrus). It somehow manages to be both relaxing and stimulating, and the fragrance lasts just long enough to be pleasant but not overpowering, and is just strong enough without being too perfumey. It made my skin just as soft as can be, even though I neglected to bring any sort of scrubber or exfoliator with me. Finally, here are the ingredients, per their site:

A 100% natural moisturizing massage lotion combined with Egyptian Geranium, French Lavender and Blue German Chamomile essential oils – lotion contains organic aloe juice and coconut oil, emulsifying wax NF, kosher vegetable glycerin, witch hazel, vitamin e, phenoxyethanol, palm stearic acid, jojoba oil, lecithin, xanthan gum, black willowbark extract, neem oil, rosemary oleoresin, tetrasodium EDTA and citric acid.

100% natural! No parabens! No crazy weird stuff! No fine print! LOVE IT.

I went on their site yesterday to order more (I used about two-thirds of the bottle) and discovered they have larger sizes AND they offer volume discounts! And, if this makes any difference to you, they’re local (to me – Langley, WA), which is really nice for those of us who like supporting small local businesses.

I really couldn’t recommend this line more highly. When I finally open my body product store (oh, it’s gonna happen), I will DEFINITELY be carrying this line.