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ZOYA: Worst. Customer Service. EVER.

21 Jul

I have been ordering from Zoya since 2012, and have spent hundreds of dollars on their polishes. I have gotten kind of shady customer service from them before (taking weeks to ship, answering my email regarding when they will ship in a very curt way), but have remained loyal, blogging about them, recommending them to friends, giving their polish as gifts, and encouraging my favorite nail salon to carry them.

That ends today.

I have tried a couple times recently to order from them and not gotten my order or any email saying it had shipped. When I’d log on to their site to see what the status was, the orders were not showing up under either shipped or unshipped. Since I have a 6-week-old baby, I chalked it up to my error – I forgot to hit send, I used a bad credit card (we’ve had to cancel TWO due to fraud recently), something on my end. The last time, I made sure to save the order number, but when I went online to check, again, it had vanished. I emailed them to ask what was up, and this is the response I received this morning:

Good Morning,
Thank you for your inquiry. It appears your order was automatically canceled by our system because you disputed payment on a previous order. I apologize-we are not able to process order after payment is disputed. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Have a nice day.
Thank you,
Shelle Wesolowski
Inside Sales/Customer Service Supervisor
Art of Beauty, Inc.
800-659-6909 ext 109
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youtube: zoyanailpolish

Uhh… for real? I read this at like 7am after a night up feeding my infant, so my initial reply wasn’t all it should have been:

I never disputed a payment. I did have a card canceled due to fraud but I never disputed a payment to you – it must have been a cancellation on the bank’s part. Is there any way to reverse this or should I just plan to change brands? Kate J

I then followed up with this:

Sorry, what I mean to say is, am I never permitted to order from the website again? If you look at my order history, you’ll see I’ve been a regular, repeat client – there would be no reason for me to “dispute” a payment with you. I suspect that when my card was canceled due to fraudulent charges, the bank canceled a number of charges on the same day to be safe.


Additionally, when this is the case, it would be helpful if you contacted the customer involved to inform her of the situation – I thought I was losing my mind as I was sure I had tried to place numerous orders with you and they all seemed to vanish into thin air.


Best regards,

Kate J

I received this in reply, from a Brian Tucker (Brian Tucker <Brian.Tucker@artofbeauty.com>):


Please contact a salon in your area if you want Zoya product. 


This message was ironically marked “high priority.” Pity they didn’t find the situation a high enough priority to contact me before simply canceling my orders repeatedly.

So yeah. That’s it. I Tweeted and FBed it, but they deleted them from their feeds of course. Please help me spread the word – when companies mistreat their customers, they ought to feel it:

Zoya doesn’t care if you are a long-term client. They do not care about their customers. They have zero customer service and while their polish may be decent, their company is not.

Recommendations for new polishes? I’ll never wear Zoya again.

Gel manicures: Cause for concern?

9 Mar

A blog from our friends over at Birchbox:

Could Your Gel Manicure Give You Skin Cancer? 


7 Feb


I love entering sweepstakes, and sometimes I even win. (Okay, I think maybe once.) When I find fun beauty-related sweepstakes, I’ll post them here so you can enter, too. If you win, though, you have to post and let me know. 

Since I was JUST raving about ZOYA polishes, this contest seems particularly apropos. I subscribe to a service called Birchbox. Basically for $10/month, you get a fun little package with new product samples and deluxe samples – it’s a surprise present by mail each month. If you are a product whore, like I am, $10/month is actually not bad to get to sample new products and decide what to buy. If you sign up through THIS LINK, we both get points, which you can use on future purchases. NEAT!

Anyhow, if you want to enter the Sweepstakes, click on the pic above. I think it’s entirely fb-based, though, so you’ll need a fb account.

Good luck!



3 Feb

ZOYA Glimmer Nail Polish

My newest addiction is ZOYA Nail Polish “The World’s Longest Wearing Natural Nail Polish” (according to them, including the missing hyphen). Nail polish chips off my fingers approximately 23 minutes after the top coat dries, and I have to admit, I painted my nails last night and then walked dogs all day today and it’s still intact. I’m currently wearing “Glimmer,” a lovely glittery white color. I like the light colors on my nails because when they do start to chip, it’s not as noticeable.

A couple of notes on ZOYA. One, they have a cool thing on their website where you can buy “color spoons” (essentially a fake plastic fingernail on a stick) in the color you’re thinking about buying. So basically I order a “Glimmer” color spoon for $0.50, and then when it comes, I can decide if I want to invest $8 in the bottle. What’s really neat about this is that they then send you a promo code for the amount you spent on spoons to apply to your next order. So basically, as long as you buy something later, the spoons end up being free. This is a great bonus since you can’t be 100% sure based on online images what the color is going to look like in real life.

Another thing is they currently have a promotion where they send you a free mini bottle of their nail polish remover with your order and IT RULES! It smells significantly less bad than traditional acetone-based removers, yet works great! A nice surprise. I ended up buying a full-size bottle.

With a ton of color options and offers like the ones I just mentioned, ZOYA may be my new go-to polish.