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Two Notes!

25 May

I have two product reviews for you that I hope to publish today, but first, two quick notes!

One, I took my friend Dina, who is not a huge makeup fan, for her maiden voyage to Sephora last week. She was visibly nervous and I get it – it would be like me going to Fry’s without my husband and attempting to buy some computery thing. But she had an idea of what she wanted – a concealer and a lipgloss – and those are two things I know lots about. I recommended she get the Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer and Tarte LipSurgence Crayon. I am happy to report she is positively delighted with both, and has even gotten compliments on how fab she looks! Moral is: Listen to the product princess, she knows that of which she blogs.

Second – in spite of obstacles and set backs, it seems that my wonderful huzz and I have defied the odds and managed to create a new little person. 🙂 Due date is December 1, so far so good, and yes, we will be finding out the gender. Cross your fingers that things continue to progress normally!

Incidentally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to that same wonderful huzz, and thank you for tolerating my product addiction and supporting me always! xoxo