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Birthday Contest Weiners!

27 Mar

I mean winners!

Sorry I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday, I have been sick for a week!

Using a fun, free random name selector, I have determined the winners as follows…

Second runner up!
For the Salux Beauty Skin Cloth, the winner is – Danielle!

First runner up!
For the Voluspa candle in French Bourbon Vanille, the winner is – Michele!

Grand Prize!
For the Tarte be good to your mother (earth) FULL size 24.7 natural lip sheers and reusable natural cotton tote set, the winner is – Keridwyn!

Congrats, winners! I will be contacting you for your shipping addresses. Thanks for entering, everyone, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next contest in April!

One more week to enter!

18 Mar

Don’t forget about the latest contest! Enter here to win a present for my birthday!

March Is Here….

2 Mar

….and so is the new Lipgloss & Life Sweepstakes!

It’s my birthday (well, the 26th is), but you’re the one getting a gift!

Comment on this blog post with your favorite, can’t live without beauty product, and be entered for a chance to win Tarte’s be good to your mother (earth) FULL size 24.7 natural lip sheers and reusable natural cotton tote set! For an extra entry, share my blog on your Facebook, Twitter, or blog – you can use the easy peasy web address of http://www.lipglosslife.com. We’ll use the honor system – if you post a share somewhere, just mention in your comment where and I’ll take you at your word.

Wait, this isn’t enough? Okay – first runner-up will win a mini Voluspa candle in French Bourbon Vanille, and second runner-up will win a Salux Beauty Skin Cloth.

Drawing will be held on my birthday, 3/26. Get commenting!

Spring Exfoliation! Salux Nylon “Beauty Skin Cloth”

2 Mar

Today in spring exfoliation, I bring you the Salux Nylon Beauty Skin Cloth! This product is pretty simple – it’s a large, long, textured plastic washcloth. In spite of its simplicity, however, I am about to give you the reasons I think every woman should own one of these.

  1. It’s cheap. At $4.90 for the cheapest one on Amazon, anyone can afford it.
  2. It comes in all sorts of colors to match your bath décor.
  3. You can use it like the lady in the photo to scrub your back, and everyone should scrub her back (I mean this sincerely – backs need washing too and there are a lot of gross backs out there).
  4. Every woman should have some sort of exfoliating device, and….
  5. This is better than a loofah because it dries super fast and is machine washable, so will harbor less germs/bacteria.

This is great for all over scrubbing, and especially good for scrubbing your lady areas after hair removal. The Salux gets even sulfate-free soaps and body washes to lather like nobody’s business, and your skin will feel super soft afterwards, like you just had a spa scrub.

Get yourself a Salux Beauty Skin Cloth from Amazon, and thank me later!

*Note – Just got a comment from The Salux Shop complaining that I was using their image, even though the image was watermarked with their info so you could Google it AND my very first link was to their site. All the more reason to get your Salux cloths through Amazon!