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PM Skin Care: The Estée Lauder Edition

12 Mar

I have been promising to follow up my AM version of this for some time, but it’s going to be a long one and I have been busy. After being told the other day, however, that my skin “looks like a baby’s,” I think it’s finally time to get on it!

I used to be really, really lazy about taking my makeup off at night (read: I didn’t do it), but as I have gotten older, I have started trying to take better care of my skin. This includes not just removing makeup at night, but also moisturizing and pampering so my skin can recover as I sleep.

The first step in this nightly routine is the removal of eye makeup. I used to use Almay’s eye makeup remover pads, which are really good and gentle, but I need about five a night to do what Neutrogena’s extra gentle eye makeup remover pads do in one. One side for each eye and I’m done. Sometimes they’re a bit dry, but I just add a little tap water and they work fantastically. Gentle and effective – a must.

Next I use SpaSilk baby washcloths and water – no soap – to cleanse my face. I get the washcloth wet and gently scrub the makeup off my face. Since I use mineral-based makeup, I am not too concerned about any being left on my skin, but a gentle water wash with the aid of the washcloth seems to get almost everything off anyhow. I am prone to dry skin, so the less soap I use on my face, the better.

I keep the following four items next to my bed.

I start with lip balm because by the time I’m done moisturizing my face, my hands are too slick to open the tube! Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment is my balm du jour. It’s extremely smooth and hydrating, goes on softly like a gloss, but is in no way sticky, goopy, or at all “makeup” like. Additionally, it’s totally fragrance free, which I’d normally eschew in a lip gloss, but before bed and after brushing your teeth, it’s kind of nice to have something that’s not all smelly and flavored.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye goes on next. I dab it under and around my eyes. I definitely see a difference in my crow’s feet from before I started using this and now, so I’d recommend it. Not sure how much it does for dark circles and bags, but the best things for those are really plenty of sleep and plenty of water, anyhow. This formula is a “gel” type (as opposed to a cream) and is very light and pleasant.

After eye gel, I put on Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. There has been a LOT of buzz about this product, but unfortunately I can’t 100% speak to it. Granted, I get a lot of compliments on my skin, even from estheticians during facials, but I have a pretty complicated routine, so who knows how much this one product is actually contributing to it. Nonetheless, I have had no bad experiences with it, and perhaps it is an integral part of what keeps my skin healthy. At any rate, this is a very light, gentle serum, with an almost unnoticeable fragrance. It’s pretty pricey, but people do seem to love it.

Final step (whew)! After ALLLL that other stuff is done, I smooth some Estée Lauder Time Zone Night over my face and neck. It’s pleasant smelling and just as nice and creamy as you’d expect a night cream to be.

Voila! That’s the whole lineup.