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Birthday Contest Weiners!

27 Mar

I mean winners!

Sorry I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday, I have been sick for a week!

Using a fun, free random name selector, I have determined the winners as follows…

Second runner up!
For the Salux Beauty Skin Cloth, the winner is – Danielle!

First runner up!
For the Voluspa candle in French Bourbon Vanille, the winner is – Michele!

Grand Prize!
For the Tarte be good to your mother (earth) FULL size 24.7 natural lip sheers and reusable natural cotton tote set, the winner is – Keridwyn!

Congrats, winners! I will be contacting you for your shipping addresses. Thanks for entering, everyone, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next contest in April!

One more week to enter!

18 Mar

Don’t forget about the latest contest! Enter here to win a present for my birthday!

March Is Here….

2 Mar

….and so is the new Lipgloss & Life Sweepstakes!

It’s my birthday (well, the 26th is), but you’re the one getting a gift!

Comment on this blog post with your favorite, can’t live without beauty product, and be entered for a chance to win Tarte’s be good to your mother (earth) FULL size 24.7 natural lip sheers and reusable natural cotton tote set! For an extra entry, share my blog on your Facebook, Twitter, or blog – you can use the easy peasy web address of http://www.lipglosslife.com. We’ll use the honor system – if you post a share somewhere, just mention in your comment where and I’ll take you at your word.

Wait, this isn’t enough? Okay – first runner-up will win a mini Voluspa candle in French Bourbon Vanille, and second runner-up will win a Salux Beauty Skin Cloth.

Drawing will be held on my birthday, 3/26. Get commenting!

Tarte Sample Sale!

24 Feb

Sorry for the multiple posts today, but this one is a must share – Tarte is having a big sale, while supplies last, no code needed! If you haven’t yet had the chance to try out one of my FAVORITE brands, now’s a great time!

Tarte multiplEYE™ mascara

15 Feb

Far be it from me to malign Tarte, which you will soon learn is one of my absolute favorite makeup brands. I did notice, however, that all of my reviews so far have been positive, and I do have A LOT of product misfires, so I thought I’d include one of those here.

This morning, I tried a sample sized Tarte multiplEYE mascara. Besides being annoying to type (I’m not doing it again), it’s not that great. My lashes look distinctly meh, and I have pretty nice lashes overall. I didn’t get really ANY noticeable volume, and really not much length, either. As a result, even though I usually link to products, I’m not going to link to this one, nor any others that I don’t fully endorse. If you want to give Tarte’s mascaras a try, I still fully encourage you to try Lights, Camera, Splashes!

Anyone else tried this one? If so, did you have a better experience? Also, why is WordPress suggesting “flagellation” as a tag for this? It’s not a great mascara, but it’s not THAT bad.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara

6 Feb

I am a mascara snob. I have been searching and searching for the perfect mascara, and I may have finally found it.

My mascara requirements are as follows:

  • black
  • easy to remove without a lot of scrubbing
  • gentle
  • lengthens
  • volumizes
  • doesn’t flake off or smudge over the course of eight hours

Most mascaras can satisfy a few of these requirements. Some can even satisfy almost all of them. But, in my experience, if a mascara is easy to remove, it’s also quick to smudge, and if a mascara will stay all day, I have to scrub my poor eyes to get it off (or use an oil-based remover, which I cannot stand).

As of right now, I am using Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara, and frankly, I love it. To be fair, I love pretty much everything Tarte does – they are definitely my company du jour. But this mascara really seems to do everything I demand! Now I’ve only just started using it, so it still has time to fail, or teach me some new requirement of which I have, until now, been unaware. But for now – mascara magnifique!